Main Industry Applications


Haida provide test chambers for LED lamps, the common test are as followed:
High temperature and pressure, Impact test
Low temperature and pressure, Impact test
Normal temperature and pressure
Temperature cycling test
Constant humidity and temperature test
Vibration test
Endurance test

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The detection of climate environment testing in mobile phone monitoring includes: high temperature, low temperature, high-low temperature alternating change, high temperature and humidity, low temperature and humidity, fast variable temperature, thermal shock, temperature rise, salt spray, artificial sweat, gas corosion, dust, IP water/rain, uv aging, xenon aging ect.

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Solar PV testing is due to recent years, with the growing demand for green energy. The common test are as followed:
IEC/EN61215, IEC/EN 61646 and IEC/EN 61730 standard.
IEC/EN 61730-1-2, safety test standard.
IEC/EN 61215, for silicon crystal, do performance measurement.
IEC/EN 61646, for film, performance testing.

Test conditions: because the output power of solar modules depends on factors such as solar irradiance and solar cell temperature, Therefore, the measurement of solar cell components is carried out under standard conditions (STC), and the standard conditions are defined as: atmospheric mass AM1.5, light intensity 1000w/m2, temperature 25 ℃.

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Vehicle Environment Simulation Laboratory is a kind of indoor simulation of the car on the road in different operating conditions, equipment for all kinds of performance test and test for vehicle. It can not be limited by the conditions of time, place, season, weather, etc. All-weather, high-precision, repeatable automotive performance tests in the room. Vehicle performance testing and testing equipment necessary for product development and development by OEMs.

In the development of automobile air-conditioning, need to do the whole vehicle air conditioning cooling performance, vehicle and air conditioning matching, air conditioning system matching a series of test tests. Therefore, the Vehicle Environment Simulation Laboratory is one of the indispensable test equipment for automobile air-conditioner manufacturers.

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