Product Description

High Altitude Test Chamber is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, information, electronics and other fields, instruments and meters, electric products, materials, parts, equipment at the same time in the low pressure, high temperature, low temperature single or under the action of the environmental adaptability and reliability of the test, and or electric performance parameters for the specimen electricity measurement, the integral composite structure form, the test chamber by is located in the front of the heat preservation box (confined structure), located at the back of the refrigeration, located on the chamber door vacuum unit and the electrical controller (system).

Product Info

Minorder 1
Supplyability 30 Set/Sets per Month
Place Guangdong,China
Packaging Each set protected by resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and vedio inside.

Product Detail

High Altitude Test Chamber can combine temperature and altitude environment with optional humidity for simultaneous environmental testing. It’s used in line aeronautics, aerospace, communications, information, electronics, electrical and so on. This combination of elements allows precise simulation of real-life condition a product might encounter at various altitude levels.

Item Specification
Internal dimension (W*D*H) 600*600*600mm
Internal material #304 stainless steel, mirror finished
External material Stainless steel with paint spray
Temperature range -40~+85℃
Temperature deviation ±2℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
Cooling speed ≥1℃/min in average (without loading)
Heating speed ≥1℃/min in average (without loading)
Pressure range Ordinary pressure ~ 1Kpa
Decompression time ≤10min
Pressurized method First heating/cooling, then vacuumize
Pressure deviation ±5%
Insulation high density rigid Polyurethane foam
Test time 0.1~999.9 h/m/s, adjustable.
Power system Three-phase, 380V, 50Hz
Safety protection device Protection for leakage
Compressor over-voltage and overload
Heater short circuit
Water shortage
Air circulation system
Air circulation device Vacuumed ventilator to maintain the stable temperature
Heating method Electrical heating
Refrigeration system
Compressor German brand, refrigeration system with Semi-hermetic sealed refrigeration
Cooling method Water-cooling
Accessories Expansion valve, filter, pressure controller, oil pressure controller, globe valve, solenoid valve and oil separator adopt imported brands.
Refrigerant R404A and R23
Vacuum system
Composition Vacuum measuring system and control system
Vacuum meter measuring Adopt pressure sensor to measure the meter, the data will be transferred into electric signal, then it’s input into controller for displaying and controlling.
Controlling accessories Pressure sensor, transducer, pressure regulating valve and gas regulating valve adopt famous brands.
Control system
Controller LCD touch screen, programmable control temperature and pressure
Control accuracy Temperature, 0.5℃. Pressure, 1.0 Pa
Display resolution Temperature, 0.1℃. Pressure, 0.01 Pa
Interface RS 232, USB or LAN, can be remote control.


Company Introduction:
HAIDA INTERNATIONAL is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of testing equipments over 15 years. HAIDA products are widely used in paper products, packaging, ink printing, adhesive tapes, bags, footwear, leather products, environment, toys, baby products, hardware, electronic products, plastic products, rubber products and other industries, and applicable to all scientific research units, quality inspection institutions and academic fields.

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