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UV Simulate Sunlight Weathering Aging testing Chamber

UV Aging Chamber simulates damaging effects of long term outdoor exposure of materials and coatings by exposing test samples to varying conditions of the most aggressive components of weathering - ultraviolet radiation, moisture and heat.

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Packaging Each set protected by resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and vedio inside.

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UV Aging Chamber

Product Description

UV Aging Chamber uses fluorescent lamps to provide a radiation spectrum centered in the ultraviolet wavelengths. Moisture is provided by forced condensation, and temperature is controlled by heaters.


  • Simulate the sun, rain spray and condensation resulting damage to test the materials by exposure to sunlight with moisture and temperature.
  • To get the results of damage after several days or weeks which is equal to expose to outside for a few months. The damages include fading, discoloration, brightness down, powder, crack, blur, brittle, strength decreases and oxidation.
  • Provide reference with testing data for improvement of existing materials, or to assess the impact of changes in product durability and other aspects.

Test Standards

IOS 4892-3       ASTM G154

Equipment Image

                                     (Sample Tray)

                                    (Atlas UV Lamps)

                                   (Sample Tray)

                                 (Irradiance Meter)

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