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Ventilation Type Aging Test Chamber

Ventilation Type Aging Test Chamber used to test the material characteristic for wire type, skin type, plastic, rubber, cloth, Equiped with a special ventilation regulator for maintain the fresh air inside when heating. 

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Minorder 1
Place Guangdong,China
Packaging Each set protected by resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and vedio inside.

Product Detail

Ventilation Type Aging Test Chamber

Product Description

Ventilation Type Aging Test Chamber design with sophisticated air-displacement adjustment device and a digital voltage meter, current meter, watt-hours, the timer can be used to measure the air replacement rate. Horizontal circulatory air supply system and both sides of airflow regulator to ensure the internal temperature uniformity and stability.


The forced-convection laboratory oven is used for thermal endurance evaluation of electrical insulating materials.

Main feature

The oven used to study the rubber that is heated under the rotary mode in a fixed period. Tested 1 day at 70 ℃, theoretically equivalent to 6 months exposed to the outside atmosphere. The oven is equipped with motor-driven rotary disk, hot-air circulation system that ensure uniform distribution of temperature. 

Corresponding standard

Accord with ASTM D5423-9R2005)(Ⅱ-Type ovenand ASTMD 5374-93(2005) UL-1581,VDE,JIS,IEC

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